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  • To develop new smart materials for use in hurricane protection and mitigation systems for real-time monitoring.
  • To develop smart anchor systems for window and door screens, dwellings, pipelines, transportation facilities and onshore and offshore structures to withstand hurricanes.
  • To develop test facilities for evaluating  performance of various new products.
  • To develop specifications and standards for products used for protecting against hurricanes.
  • To design evacuation centers, buildings and houses to withstand hurricanes.
  • To develop innovative protection systems for coastline to protect against storm surge and other related flooding.
  • To address issues related to evacuation of local neighborhoods, cities and counties in addition to traffic and transportation planning and developing smart traffic systems.
  • To develop protocols for speedy recovery of the public and private sectors (utilities, hospitals, petrochemical industries, transportation facilities, offshore platforms, cities and communities) after a hurricane. Develop repair materials and technologies for rapidly repairing houses to complex civil infrastructures.